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K & M Pet Products started out small in 2004. First learning about premium quality dog foods through a friend and the foster ‘Mom’ of their Belgian Sheepdog, Shadow, Ken and Megan began by selling only a limited line of Natura products from their home. Ken had a vision of the ‘perfect’ place to have a business – an area for the training center big enough to do agility and an area in the front to sell the pet food. After their son Jason (501st Airborne) died in Iraq, in January 2007, they took a break from the pet food business. One day in 2010, on the way to church, Ken found the perfect building; the original location on Collins Drive. What began many years ago with only one pet food brand, has expanded into a large store that provides a wide variety of healthy pet food options, healthy pet treats, pet supplements, various pet supplies, and a full obedience and agility training center.  In June 2018, the business moved to its current location at 1700 W First St in Casper.


Ken – the ‘K’ in K & M Pet Products

Ken teaches agility classes and helps out in the store. Ken has three dogs, Levi, an Australian Shepherd, Sassy, a Belgian Tervuren, and Faith, an Australian Shepherd. Levi earned his MACH (Master Agility Champion Title) in September 2012 and is now retired from the sport. Levi is only the second dog in the state of Wyoming to achieve this recognition. Ken competes in agility with Sassy and is currently training Faith for competition. Sassy has earned the Novice Rally Obedience title and multiple Agility titles.

My pups, Scrappy and Scooby, love it here. Staff are so friendly and helpful. Highly recommend it. Top quality food and treats. They don't sell anything that they wouldn't feed their own furbabies."  ​

Kelly T.


Megan – the ‘M’ in K & M Pet Products

Megan teaches agility and obedience classes and helps out in the store on Saturdays and evenings after her ‘day’ job. Megan credits her first dog, Precious, an American Eskimo Dog, with starting all of this – the business and a love of the sport of agility. Precious has the distinction of being the first dog in Wyoming with a MACH (Master Agility Champion) title from the American Kennel Club; a title which she earned twice. Precious passed away January 2014 at the age of 15+ years. Megan’s other dogs are Aramis, a Belgian Sheepdog, Freedom, an American Eskimo Dog, and the latest addition, Journey, a Belgian Sheepdog. Aramis earned his Grand champion title in conformation through the American Kennel Club in June 2012, completed his Advanced Excellent Rally Obedience title in May 2013, and has earned his Master Agility Jumpers and Standard titles all with AKC. Freedom has earned his Rally Obedience Novice title and competes in agility. Shadow, the dog who also gets credit for getting Ken & Megan started in this business died of stomach cancer in May 2009 and is still very much missed by Megan. Shadow earned many top agility titles in his career and shared a very special bond with Megan.

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